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Swarovski 2058 replaces 2028

Unique XILION Rose Enhanced Brilliance through Upgraded Cut

Upgrade of the popular 2028 XILION Rose NO HOTFIX (NO HF) to the even more brilliant XILION Rose Enhanced 2058 NO HF.

Please be invited to discover:
- Enhanced brilliance through improved table size
- More intense colors through new geometry
- Comprehensive variety of colors and effects (more than 80 colors and effects)
- Clearly differentiated cut compared to all competitor products on the market
- Extensive size assortment
- Copyright protected
- Same price level as article 2028 NO HF
- Identical application possibilities as article 2028 NO HF

Please note that the article 2028 NO HF will be completely replaced by the XILION Rose Enhanced 2058 NO HF.

Transition from 2028 to XILION Rose Enhanced 2058:

If you have any questions regarding the launch of the XILION Rose Enhanced Flat Back, please feel free to contact your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS contact person.